40th Birthday Cake

I’ve got a good friend’s 40th birthday coming up.  So my husband suggests an idea for me to try.  So here goes…

Today I got the cakes baked.  They look good, smell good too.  I’m testing out a chocolate cake recipe, Chocolate Butter Cake from Cookie Madness.  I have had some epic chocolate cake failures, too dry, too crumbly, you name it I’ve done it, so I’m nervous trying out another recipe yet again.

Today’s chocolate cake was no epic failure, but not a complete success either.  When the instructions clearly say line with parchment, why I don’t do it is beyond me.  It’s ok, they are just going to get turned into cake balls, no need for it to be pretty.  It tastes pretty good, it’s gonna be a keeper for sure, though I will be lining with parchment paper from now on.

Here is the spaghetti and meatball cake!  I love the look of the chopped white chocolate chips on top to look like parmesan cheese.  The sauce is strawberry puree, the noodles are just piped frosting, the meatballs are chocolate cake balls.  It was a hit…though maybe too much frosting!

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